Bas Agents

In Accounting there are quite important different tasks between Bookkeeper, BAS Agent, Accountant and Tax Agent

All bookkeeper may not be necessary a BAS Agent.

  • Bookkeepers can process, reconcile, and report transactions, as well as do anything else that they want if it is not a “BAS Agent Service” or a “Tax Service”
  • BAS Agents can “ascertain” (which we interpret to mean provide certainty), “Advise” and also “represent” the clients to the Tax Office in relation to a BAS Provision (BAS is our government form to report and pay our value added Goods & Services Tax). This includes payroll related advice and certainty
  • Accountants (remember anybody can call themselves an accountant) can also do whatever they like as long as it is not a “BAS Agent Service” or a “Tax Service”
  • Tax Agents are allowed to provide Tax Services which is “ascertain”, “advise” and “represent” a client in relation to income tax matters (which includes everything a BAS Agent can do and then other areas of Income Tax as well)