Public Holiday (Australia Day) Pay Rates 2021

26th January 2021, Tuesday is the Australia Day as Public Holiday. There is no additional holiday since it falls on a weekday. Employees will incur additional rates for this public holiday.

Public Holiday penalties apply differently to different awards and classifications of awards. Also, it depends on, whether the business has enterprise agreement or business is following Modern Award.

All enterprise agreements, the Rules need to modify as per the terms of the enterprise agreement.

In the case of Modern Award:

Full-Times Employees get paid (Base Rate) day off for those who works generally on that day. If Employee is working on these public holidays are entitles to get penalties rate.

Part-Time employees are entitled to paid day off or penalty rate pay if they work for their regular hours of work.

Casuals employees are also entitled to public holiday pay rate if they work on public holiday. Casual Employees are generally not liable to get paid day off.

We strongly suggest checking your award or agreement for the relevant public holiday pay condition related to your business.

If you are looking to pay your employees correctly according to modern award or agreement, please use

Modern Award Part-Time/Full Time Casual
Hospitality 225% of Base Rate 250% Of Base Rate
Fast Food




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