JobMaker Hiring Credit

ATO has introduced the JobMaker Hiring Credit.
Employers can claim JobMaker Hiring Credit payments to help with the cost of hiring additional employees. The employer is not required to pass the payment on to employees.
Employers can claim arrears for jobMaker hiring credit in every three months.
The job maker hiring credit can be claimed from 1 February 2021 for the first jobmaker period. (7 October 2020 to 6 January).
The employer and the additional employees must meet the
eligibility criteria.
ATO is committed to:
paying JobMaker Hiring Credit as quickly as they can
ensuring employers are eligible before payments are made.
Eligible employers:
will be able to register from 6 December 2020. See Registering for JobMaker Hiring Credit.
can claim payments in arrears from 1 February 2021. See JobMaker Hiring Credit key dates.
can claim payments for eligible additional employees for up to 12 months from their employment start date.
cannot claim JobKeeper and the JobMaker Hiring Credit at the same time.
Eligible employers:-
Employers may be eligible for JobMaker Hiring Credit payments if all of the following apply.
The employer:
has registered for the JobMaker Hiring Credit scheme
operates a business in Australia
is a not-for-profit organisation operating in Australia
is a deductible gift recipient (DGR) endorsed either as a public fund or for a public fund you operated under the Overseas Aid Gift Deductibility Scheme (DGR item 9.1.1) or for developed country relief (DGR item 9.1.2)?
holds an Australian business number (ABN)
is registered for pay as you go (PAYG) withholding
has not claimed JobKeeper payments for a fortnight that started during the JobMaker period
is up to date with income tax and GST returns for the two years up to the end of the JobMaker period for which they are claiming
satisfies the payroll increase and the headcount increase conditions
satisfies reporting requirements, including up to date Single Touch Payroll (STP) reporting
does not belong to one of the ineligible employer categories.
Employees are eligible if they:
are an employee of the entity during the JobMaker period
are aged 16 to 35 years old when they started employment
started employment on or after 7 October 2020 and before 7 October 2021
worked or have been paid for an average of at least 20 hours per week they were employed in the JobMaker period
have given a JobMaker Hiring Credit employee notice to the employer
have not already provided a JobMaker Hiring Credit employee notice to another current employer
received the Parenting Payment, Youth Allowance (other than on the basis that the individual was undertaking full-time study or was a new apprentice) or JobSeeker Payment for at least 28 consecutive days (or 2 fortnights) in the 84 days (or 6 fortnights) prior to starting employment

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