It’s time to make a move bookkeeper

What actually can bookkeepers do at the moment to help facilitate change within your business?
Here are some simple steps that bookkeepers should be thinking about if they really want to proliferate in profits in future.
Familiarise yourself with the technology: This involves not only learning about different features of Xero, but also learning about add-ons, such as WorkflowMax, and the value they can provide to your clients. This means using different available technology, utilising online training tools, and attending events such as Xero roadshow.
Learn new skills: In the field of book-keeping, it is paramount to identify any gaps in your skill-set that might prevent you from providing your new offerings. Stay focused and up to date in daily updates with ATO. This can be extremely beneficial at this crucial stage of your business.
Work closely with technology providers: Ensure those providers continue to provide the best software solutions for you and your clients. This helps in providing valuable insight into what actually they need.
Construct new collaborative business relationships: There are many people and companies offering complimentary services, such as tax agents, accountants, business advisors. Try to meet up and share resources, offers, referrals and give advice needed. A secure and powerful network will help business nurture in future.
You might re-brand your business: Change is always good. Think about altering your brand to reflect the changes in your business model. At this stage, you might need the advice of a branding agency, graphic designer or copywriter.
The information bookkeepers can transmit to business owners makes them a valuable source of advice: Isn’t it worth paying for?
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