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5 signs you’re undercharging

Are you undercharging for your services? It can be hard to tell, particularly if you’re in a niche industry or you’re a contractor. Costs have been rising, so it may be time to rethink your own pricing. Here are five signs that you might be undercharging: Nobody ever questions your quotes – Do all your new […]

How staff training expands the skill-set of your business

Spending time and money on staff training is a must. When your employees can see that you’re invested in their future, they feel valued, empowered and engaged with your company vision. That’s excellent news for your employee satisfaction scores and your team spirit – not to mention the overall productivity of the workforce. Investing in […]

Understanding Your Breakeven Point

Understanding your business breakeven point is essential to know how much money you need to make to stay in business. It can therefore help you make well-informed financial decisions and practical business plans. The breakeven point is the income or sales needed to cover all costs. Any earnings above this point generate profit. So your […]

Digital Signatures and Cyber Security

Authenticated digital signatures can be a valuable part of your cyber security approach. They are more efficient than printing, signing and scanning documents and provide one-off encryption for the highest level of security. In fact, they are more secure than a handwritten signature. If you have a lot of documents that require signing within your […]