“Any Successful business have a good people behind it. Staff can be a most valuable assets for many business – or worst liabilities”

Small businesses are quite often raising a question to their bookkeeper about extremely complex Australian HR and employment laws. Following questions are familiar to bookkeepers:

  1. Is my employee is entitled for leave loading?
  2. Am I OK if I pay above the Award Rate?
  3. My business comes under which Award?
  4. What is difference between Award and Enterprise Agreement. And so on..

The answers are not always easy for any HR questions. Any misinterpretation may lead to complete HR disaster.

Human Recourse aims to bring best employee to contribute to the success of the organization. HR services can equip you with necessary tools, skills and recourses when you need for the growth of the business.

We can help you to understand

  1. Employing Other
  2. Staff Recruiting
  3. Employer Obligations
  4. Performance Monitoring and Evaluations
  5. Payroll Issues
  6. Training and Developments
  7. Staff Motivations
  8. Templets and Tools

The good news is we can assist you to find answer for you.


Peace of Mind

The right HR solutions will increase employee engagement and improve retention

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Outsourced HR solutions are delivered at a fraction of the cost of traditional approaches to managing HR

Lean HR Framework

Lean into HR by empowering your managers with access to the right HR tools and professional expertise

Improve Retention

The right HR solutions will increase employee engagement and improve retention

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