Ridesharing BAS

If you’re an Uber or rideshare driver, you will very well know that you must lodge a BAS to the ATO each quarter

At My Biz Books, you’ll know how GST is calculated on your Uber and rideshare income, all the expenses you can claim, examples of what the Uber BAS is and how it looks like, and we will lodge your Uber BAS to the ATO. You will benefit from our extensive Tax, BAS and GST knowledge, with over more than 20 years in the industry.

  • As Registered BAS Agents we can help with:
  • Preparing and lodging your BAS accurately and on time
  • Maximising your benefits.
  • Setting up GST codes and tax invoices accurately in your accounting software.
  • Talking to the ATO about BAS provisions for you.

We are committed to delivering Uber and other ride share drivers a personalized and adaptable service that allows us to save your time and your money. We meet our clients face to face or organise a phone/zoom meeting so we can better understand your lifestyle as an Uber Driver and particular business and tax needs. We make sure you do not let go on any opportunities to maximize your savings. Our extended BAS lodgement schedule gives you additional time to lodge your BAS and make payments.

If this is your first time running your own business and dealing with GST and trying to figure out how to lodge your Uber BAS, this can be a challenge. We at My Biz Books are here to make your journey a SMOOTH RIDE.

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