In Accounting there are quite important different tasks between Bookkeeper, BAS Agent, Accountant and Tax Agent

All bookkeeper may not be necessary a BAS Agent.

  • Bookkeepers can process, reconcile, and report transactions, as well as do anything else that they want if it is not a “BAS Agent Service” or a “Tax Service”
  • BAS Agents can “ascertain” (which we interpret to mean provide certainty), “Advise” and also “represent” the clients to the Tax Office in relation to a BAS Provision (BAS is our government form to report and pay our value added Goods & Services Tax). This includes payroll related advice and certainty
  • Accountants (remember anybody can call themselves an accountant) can also do whatever they like as long as it is not a “BAS Agent Service” or a “Tax Service”
  • Tax Agents are allowed to provide Tax Services which is “ascertain”, “advise” and “represent” a client in relation to income tax matters (which includes everything a BAS Agent can do and then other areas of Income Tax as well)

BAS Agent can:

  1. design the compliance system for a client around GST, the other indirect taxes on the BAS and payroll matters
  2. can be engaged to review the reports of a business and provide certainty to that business about the obligations, entitlements of that business.

To Apply a system, one need not to be a BAS Agent, but to design, advice and review the system, one must be a BAS Agent.



 Being our client means your BAS due dates are extended automatically as long as we lodge BAS’s for you.


We can help avoid some of the unexpected pain that comes with paying 3 months worth of GST in one batch by advising how much to set aside each month towards the liability.


As accountants, we are always up to date with GST legislation so you never have to worry about claiming or paying GST incorrectly.